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Sunday, 19 May 2024
  • The exclusive documentary film "Weyane" invites you to a historical journey and engaging dialogue

The exclusive documentary film
فيلم "وياني" الوثائقي \ من الصفحة الرسمية لعرض الفلم

Do you want to watch a fantastic documentary film and share your opinions and thoughts with people interested in history and culture? Don't miss the opportunity to attend a special screening event for the short documentary film "Weyane," directed by Johnny Stern, a recipient of several international awards

The film tells the story of the Weyane movement, an Ethiopian resistance movement that emerged in the Tigray region in the twentieth century, challenging the imperial system and successive governments. It features testimonials, rare documents, and photographs that shed light on the history of Weyane and its role in shaping Ethiopian identity

After watching the film, attendees will participate in an enjoyable and informative discussion with a panel of experts, activists, and the director himself. You'll have the chance to ask questions and share your views on the issues raised by the film, discovering new and exciting perspectives and analyses

This event is an invaluable opportunity to broaden the horizons of those interested in Ethiopian history and culture, engaging in a meaningful dialogue

According to the organizers, seats are very limited, so they recommend interested individuals to attend and get their tickets now before they run out, saying, "Don't miss this unique and inspiring cinematic experience!" Levant - Follow-up