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Sunday, 19 May 2024
  • A prominent official at the Barzani Foundation recounts his observations during the earthquake in Jindires last year

A prominent official at the Barzani Foundation recounts his observations during the earthquake in Jindires last year
موظفون من جميعة برزاني الخيرية خلال توجههم إلى عفرين \ متداول

"Rawaj Haji," responsible for the Afrin file at the Barzani Charitable Foundation, who went to Afrin during the earthquake that struck Jindires in the countryside of Afrin in February 2023, witnessed many stories there, some of which were these scenes.

Haji said in a post on Facebook: "I feel like I'm flying in the sky because of that magical scent mixed with the pure and oppressed Kurdish feeling, when I asked about it, it turned out to be the scent of Lilon (olive), the scent of the 20 million olive trees in Lilon made Afrin a symbol in the world."

He added: "For the first time, I knew that the scent of Lilon invaded the breath of the city's residents at night. In the evening, the world is heading towards darkness, there is nothing in front of us but a path full of thorns and difficulties, and the houses on the road bear traces of ancient wars."

He continued: "Jindires town is 30 minutes away from the center of Afrin region, and about 50 kilometers away from the epicenter of the earthquake in Hatay province. The buildings and houses had collapsed completely due to their fragility, and horrifying scenes could be seen inside the city."

And he pointed out: "Four days after the earthquake, we were able to cross the border, and (water, food, medicine...) were available in the aid convoy, but these things did not bring them hope and happiness as much as the name of Barzani and Kurdistan."

He noted: "The reception of the locals with the flag of Kurdistan for the aid convoy, and the tears of the people of Afrin astonished us, these scenes are unforgettable, because they were like the sad stories in Jindires that affected us!".

He continued: "Barzani's mother, where two of her sons remained with her husband under the rubble of the collapsed house, rushed to bring a digger to rescue the survivors. She was talking to her eldest son and saying to him: We will save you, dear, but an enemy armed force, where there was a printed image of the former Iraqi dictator on their cars, forcibly took the digger and said to Barzani's mother: "You Kurds, pigs, infidels, it is better for you to die, we take the digger to save a Muslim!".

He stressed: "Barzani's mother hears the cries of her beloved son from pain and agony until she passes away, this is one of hundreds of tragic stories in Afrin and Jindires."

He added: "The people of Afrin were simple and lovers of their Kurdish identity to the extent that they considered every individual in South Kurdistan as a son of Barzani. They were loyal to the extent that, despite their poor condition, they loved to gather in their homes together, so they could boast and tell each other that Barzani's sons stayed in their homes."

He concluded by saying: "Are our youth aware of the history of Afrin? And do they know anything about Afrin as part of their national body?"

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