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Sunday, 25 February 2024
Message from the Syrian city of Suwayda to the Security Council and the European Parliament
Message from the Syrian city of Suwayda to the Security Council and the European Parliament

Over twelve years ago, Syrians across the country rose up to demand dignity, freedom, their rights, and the establishment of a civil democratic state that upholds human rights. In response, the Syrian regime met these legitimate demands with brutal force, arresting hundreds of thousands, and subjecting tens of thousands to torture, many of whom perished under torture. The regime displaced half of the Syrian population and destroyed more than 25% of the country's infrastructure.

Thousands of extremists infiltrated Syria with intentions to sow sectarian divisions and misrepresent the true essence of the Syrian revolution as terrorism. Throughout this period, the Syrian regime and various armed factions perpetrated extensive war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In 2012, the Geneva Final communiqué of the Action Group for Syria was released, which was succeeded by Resolution 2254 of the Security Council in 2015. This laid a roadmap for a solution in Syria that would fulfill the aspirations of its citizens. Yet, the Syrian regime's intransigence, bolstered by allies in Iran and Russia, coupled with the diminished role of the international community—particularly Europe—allowed the Syrian massacre to persist and obstructed the implementation of these international resolutions.

The grave humanitarian situation, political stalemate, the Syrian regime's continued threats to civil and regional peace, its involvement in the production and trafficking of Captagon, its continual practices of arrests, forced disappearances, usage of mass graves, bombardment of cities with barrel bombs, chemical weapons, and the forced displacement of Syrians, are all testament to its rogue nature. This regime flagrantly violates the International Bill of Human Rights and multiple UN resolutions, posing a threat to global peace with its long list of crimes against humanity.


Given these circumstances, Syrians have reiterated their call for their legitimate rights through peaceful demonstrations across Syria. They stress that Syria remains unified in its land, people, and in its citizens' desire for a dignified life within a state that safeguards their rights.

We urge the international community to:
*  Convene an emergency session of the Security Council to enforce Resolution 2254 under Article VII. Should Russia or China exercise their veto powers to block this resolution, we call for the matter to be taken to the United Nations General Assembly for the resolution's issuance.
*  Given the repeated use of vetoes by Russia and China, which have prevented the referral of the Syrian case to the International Criminal Court, we also urge the United Nations General Assembly to pass a resolution establishing a special tribunal for Syria, ensuring accountability for all war criminals and those guilty of crimes against humanity.