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Tuesday, 16 July 2024
  • The 4th cycle of the ICCROM-Sharjah Award for Good Practices in Cultural Heritage Conservation in the Arab Region 2024 launches

The 4th cycle of the ICCROM-Sharjah Award for Good Practices in Cultural Heritage Conservation in the Arab Region 2024 launches
إيكروم الشارقة يطلق الدورة الرابعة

ICCROM-Sharjah calls individuals and institutions in the Arab region to participate and compete for the award

02 October 2023 - Sharjah (United Arab Emirates):  ICCROM’s Regional Office for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Sharjah (ICCROM-Sharjah) announces the launch of the fourth cycle of the ICCROM-Sharjah Award for good practices in cultural heritage conservation and management in the Arab Region 2023-2024. The award, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, aims to honour and reward outstanding work that contributes to the protection and vitality of tangible cultural heritage in the Arab world.

In this cycle, a Grand Award will be presented for Good Practices in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management in the Arab Region. Additionally, two Honorary Awards for Community Engagement and Conservation and Innovation will be granted to recognize exceptional exemplary projects. The Award will highlight the good practices in conservation and management of cultural heritage in terms of technical skills employed as well as social and economic impacts of the project on local communities. The vitality of the cultural heritage project will be assessed through its positive impact on the social and economic context.

The award program reflects the commitment of ICCROM-Sharjah to help protect movable and immovable cultural heritage in the Arab region; promote good practices in the field of preservation and protection of cultural heritage; facilitate the international exchange of knowledge and experiences in cultural heritage conservation and management; and stimulate public awareness of the importance of cultural heritage.

The award recognizes projects that demonstrate excellence in preserving and revitalizing cultural heritage, while also promoting sustainable development, community involvement, and knowledge exchange. It encourages individuals, organizations, and institutions to showcase their best practices in the field of heritage conservation. By highlighting successful projects, the award aims to inspire others and create a network of professionals dedicated to preserving cultural heritage in the Arab region.


“This is the 4th edition of the ICCROM-Sharjah Award, after the great success it has achieved over the past years in highlighting many distinguished projects and practices in preserving cultural heritage in the Arab region”, says Dr. Zaki Aslan, Director of the Regional Office for Cultural Heritage Preservation (ICCROM - Sharjah).

“The projects that receive the ICCROM-Sharjah Award exhibit several key features that set them apart as exemplars of cultural heritage conservation. They demonstrate a holistic approach to conservation, considering both the tangible and intangible aspects of cultural heritage; they also prioritize community involvement, engaging local stakeholders in decision-making processes and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the projects; and additionally, award-winning projects often employ innovative technologies and methodologies, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern conservation practices. They also focus on capacity building, empowering local communities with the knowledge and skills necessary for heritage conservation”, he added.

It is worth noting that individuals and institutions can submit their entries and apply for the award by filling out and sending the official entry form along with the required documents via email until March 31, 2024. Every entry received will be considered valid and legal only if received by the deadline, eligible and complying with the criteria, submitted using the official entry form and accompanied by the requested documentation in the official format.

The nominated projects eligible for the award, which will be selected by an independent jury of experts in the Arab region and the world, will be announced in September 2024, while the winning projects will be announced during a ceremony to be held in Sharjah, UAE, in November 2024. The forms and documents required to participate can be found through the link: https://ar.iccromsharjahawards.org/how-to-apply/