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Sunday, 19 May 2024
Turkey playing Demographic changes in northern Syria ?
Turkey , Syrian refugees

Turkey playing Demographic changes in northern Syria


Turkish authorities deport 60 Syrians including children and women to Tel Abyad in Al-Raqqa

Al-Raqqa province: Turkish authorities forcibly deported nearly 60 Syrians including 30 women and ten children from Turkey to Syrian territory in Tel Abyad City in Al-Raqqa countryside, to achieve the demographic changes in northern of Syria, where they work on moving Syrians to “Peace Spring” areas in Al-Raqqa countryside that are considered isolated from areas of the factions.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the people stayed in schools of Tel Abyad until another houses were secured for them.

Meanwhile, the Turkish-backed factions investigated and questioned them to know the reasons behind the deportation.

On August 2, Turkish authorities deported more than 160 Syrian refugee, including women and children, through the border crossings between Syria and Turkey towards Tel Abyad and Ras Al-Ain areas, within “Peace Spring” area.

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According to SOHR sources, a group of young men among the deported people were deported without their families, to Tel Abyad area, and they hail from Al-Safirah village in Aleppo countryside, amid the continued of their humanitarian suffering, for not been able to return to their areas, as they do not have the identity card.

In parallel, three young Syrian refugees were arrested after they passed the border towards “Peace Spring” area by Ankara-backed factions, in order to obtain ransoms for their release.

Source: SOHR